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A guy is stalking me from your office he deleted my entire first page it took me months to make it the page has been deleted from your office site from the server on WordPress this is because of my finding? Some one did not like my research.

Published by Ralbadisole

WashPress is boring, they do not allow people to be creative. They are bigots (Can I say the word bigot? Or is forbidden, because every think I say they censor me). That's is what I call the fake religious people, they go the the Temple and then on monday the ruin people, they are not tollerant a bit. Ok but I found out that in USA you are not really free, so I'll not tell you the future I see. At the end, I have to say I really like USA people, because I'm been all over the word and they are the best of the worst, the alternative to be ruled by other is a nightmare.