Get in touch with me but touch me kindly, i’m sensitive.

Healthy way to communicate with other monkeys.

1.Throw a stone with a paper rolled on.

2. Put a message in a bottle.

3 . Walk to my loft is less likely that you get sick because is at 8 Chilometers from your shoe box.

4. Write a letter using paper and pen.

5. Shout from the window if you live in front of me.

6. Tell a friend a secret and to reveal it to you secretly.

7. Meditate not like the Buddhist because actually it works better if you learn as the Hindu, the inventor of religion, science, art, meditation and more, you will reach the akasha.

8. Talk to God, Gods and the Great Spirit, is very very likely that you’ ll be hear easely than you think.

9. Write a sign on a Royal Uk mail in Trafalgar Square, someone will read it and do something.

9. Tell your hairdresser that you have a secret and it cannot be told at any cost, is very important.

10 . Stop wasting time talking about politic, this type of communication is a totally waste of time, they do business in cooperation, they do not give a hit about you.

11. Do not use cellular phone to communicate, they burn the very few neurons and you will be dumb before 60 years old.

12. Do not use social network, is a joke, they DO mind your business, and let’s say that if someone in the street was even asking question about your girlfriend you will be smashing his face. So every one in the world know more about your family, business, sex habit, girlfriends, hobby, childhood time then most of your own family, and you do nothing, you are a very INCOHERENT MEN.

13. When you think that you are spending quality time you forget to study about the history of men, and if you think I’m NUT, well that is true.

14. Use the frequency of your brain that goes from 1 to 30 Heartz, is so intimate and kind….just try hard.

Aliens are coming but do not believe they are bad, on the contrary, they are trying to save us for the fifth time.