The First Temple in history on Mount Girnar

The Qumran Scrolls are 2000 years old document found in Israel in 1947. Here in this page you are going to see that the old Celestial City, the first settlement in history, was a reality, here in Gujarat, India.

Mount Girnar Measurement Qumran Scrolls

Top: The first photo is the Google map I use to explain the meaning of the Sacred Geometry. Is an image of the Girnar Mountain Complex.
Taken as a single piece of the mosaic, that photo is important, but if you combine it with the source of the Qumran Scrolls and the Dialogue of Plato, Critias, well the three together form a new device, a new meaning.
The Qumran Scrolls talk of an ideal city, the historians say is a fictional one, but in my opinion that city, did exist for real, it was “The City”.
The Scrolls say this city was 21 by 29 Kilometers (I converted all in metric system), so applying this measurement to the Google map, plus imposing a third information from Critias, saying that the port was located at 50 Stadia from the external wall (8,9 Kilometers), then you have a physical evidence of a real place…

Rajkot and Sanatoria Google E Pro

Top: The second image is a photo taken from satellite of the city of Junagadh, as you can see the measurement fall exactly at the location of the Port Authority of the old city. (Today Upekot Fort).
Then you notice that on the side, there is the so called “Sanatoria”, the hospital of the old city. As a matter of fact, the Sanatoria and the entrance of the Port, are on the side of a road that use to be the main canal to enter Atlantis.

Solomon Temple Plan Comparison

The third photo at the Top and the fourth photo at the Bottom: area comparison between one of the plot of the First Temple of Solomon in Israel (Probably the plot of many that is like the original Temple), and the Jain Temple on top of Mount Girnar. Why they both match exactly to one another?
When some unknown army of fanatics arrived on the West side of India, they manage in some occasions to cross the Indus River and destroy the Temple on top of Mount Girnar.
When in the XIII Century, the Jain arrived there, they restored and built their Temple using the material and the foundations of the old one belonging to Atlantis. The main reason is that the location is on a top of a mountain cliff, this forced the artesan to use the old plan, the basis of the original Temple. The very same plan was then used in Jerusalem to built the First Temple of Solomon, everyone simply was sticking to the tradition of the old people, that is because the origin of the 10 Tribes.
You will read in the new version of the paper that I added Jerusalem to Atlantis, this because the first city of all, “The City”, still has no name, so we have to stick with those names, I know sometime is embarrassing to use them…
Let’s say that the 10 Tribes where citizens of Atlantis-Jerusalem, then, at the fall of “The City”, they did start the Diaspora, but only one of the 10 will become the Jews, that’s why we have been confused for so long. The other tribes became the 9 new religions of the world, the 10 Tribes of Atlantis-Jerusalem became all the civilization of the world.
Is very important to remember that in the Qumran Scrolls, a “Cryptic” language has been used.
Well, I’m not an expert, but it took me 12 minutes to figure out what kind of writing that was: Brahmi and Kharosthi, used in India about 2000 years ago, at the time when the Essenes wrote the Scrolls.
As you might know very well, the old people used to write hiding meaning in many ways, so, Indian writing, might mean that “The City” was in India, as the origin of the traditions. In fact, Essenes used to baptize often, a well known Indian tradition, then they consider the soul to be immortal, again as the Hindu of today, these information match because there is a strong common basis, these are not coincidences.

Top: So now enjoy the fourth photos, the view of “The Temple” from “The City”, Old Jerusalem, also called: Atlantis…

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